Become a Lovenote Performer

Get paid to host an experience you love to perform! Share your passion with locals for their special moment. Chefs, Mixologists, Musicians and more, have your routine booked for a personal experience. LoveNote offers personal experiences to our clients no matter the occasion. Through LoveNote, our clients are able to browse and book entertaining culinary, musical, drink and other performances by you.

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  • Introduction

    LoveNote performers are professional level performers who share love and joy through live performance art or personal experiences. To become a LoveNote performer you must meet these standards:
    • Master Level:

      A proven track record of performing your proposed personal experience in professional or amateur settings, showing above average skill. Formal training is not required, but welcome. 
    • Consistency:

      Performing the same approved routine or performance at a high level every time
    • Engagement:

      Sharing our message of care, love, hope, and cheer to every personal audience
  • Execution

  • Our ideal LoveNote performers have put together a wow, awe inspiring personal experience rarely seen on a personal level. This includes
    • - Performer’s appearance & costume
    • - Preparation and execution of the performance
    • - Care and consideration of the message and occasion
    • - Timeliness and communication with the personal audience before the performance
    Our personal audiences are looking for one of a kind personal experiences. 
  • Care

    We’re looking for people who love and care for people This includes: 
    • - Communication with purchaser about their message
    • - Care in communicating the message in the most appropriate manner
    • - Making loving and memorable moments
    Personal audiences should ideally share the feeling from this personal experience with their friends and loved ones
  • Describe Your Performance

    This description is an opportunity to persuade potential audiences to choose your personal experience. Consider your performance description like  a movie trailer, what makes it worth their time?
  • Keep in mind: Make sure specific description of the details of the performance. How long it’ll last, how many minutes ahead of schedule will you arrive, the number of guests allowed in the personal audience, anything else needed to participate in the personal experience, etc.
  • What you’ll bring:

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